Indigenous Trees

Trees Indigenous to the upper Midwest

Paper or Canoe Birch

Betula papyrifera

2-2.5" & 2.5-3" dia caliper mid summer

Shagbark Hickory
...Carya ovata
...Late October

Musclewood or Blue Beech or Hornbeam

Carpinus  caroliniana mid October

Yellow Buckeye 

Aesculus octandra

...2-2.5" & 2.5-3" dia cal

...Late September

Valley Forge American Elm

Ulmus americana 'Valley Forge'

3-3.5" & 2.5-3" caliper August

Pagoda Dogwood

Cornus alternifolia
...early June

Common American Hackberry

...Celtis occidentalis

...2-2.5" & 3-3.5" dia caliper early October

Common Witchhazel 

Hamamelis virginiana

...Flowering in Early November

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